A Quick Glance at Duvet Covers

It is always a good idea to cover your comforters so as to prolong their lifespan and to keep them protected from external factors. Duvet covers are made especially for down comforters but they are also available for other bedding as well. One of the main benefits of these covers besides protection is easy care and washing. You can simply get the covers off and wash them. It is also a good idea to buy different colors or patterns of covers to change the appeal of your bedding in one go without worrying about spending too much money on new bedding.

The Available Fabrics

Modern duvet covers are available in a plethora of materials right from flannel to silk to satin and even cotton. It is a good idea to buy the covers in the same material as the comforter especially if your comforter is very soft and comfortable against your skin.

best duvet covers

For example, if the outer shell of your comforter is made out of high-tread count cotton you can buy covers of the same material. These are generally classified as luxury duvet covers. On the other hand, if you are worried about cost, you can choose flannel, which is a soft and inexpensive material.

It is a good idea to use different fabrics over different seasons to enjoy most comfort. Linen and satin are ideal for summer while flannel is ideal for winters.

The Available Colors

You can choose either solid colors or patterns for your duvet covers. Most comforters are ivory or white and you can go with similar colors but these are not the only options. For example, if you have a teal comforter, you can choose teal covers. Similarly, you can choose red, green, and other vibrant colors to add some life to your bedroom with ease.

pretty teal comforter

The Available Sizes

It is obvious that you should choose the size based on the size of the comforter. If you have a twin comforter, you should go for twin duvet covers. Likewise, there are covers for very large comforters, large comforters, comforters for single beds, and so on. If you don’t know what category your comforter belongs to, you can simply measure it before going shopping. In fact, to be on the safe side, it is highly advisable that you definitely measure your bedding.

The Mechanism of Closures

This is a very important factor to consider while buying duvet covers. You have to ensure that they are easy to seal and unseal as and when needed. Options include zippers, fabric ties, and snaps. Velcro strips are also recommended.

Now that you know of all the features that you can choose from, making a choice will be easier.